Softeners Going Green!

Life is hard – especially if you have hard water in your home. Hard water creates scale, which can shorten the life of your pipes, water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine. Hard water deposits stain sinks and bathtubs, spot glasses and dishes, and leaves your laundry dull and dingy. Put an end to hard water mineral deposits with a ProMate 6.0 water conditioner. The ProMate 6.0 removes calcium and magnesium (the hardness minerals) leaving your water softer, cleaner and user friendly.

Salt Recycling

  • Water heater efficiency is increased 21% to 29%
  • Save up to 70% on soap in the kitchen, laundry and bath
  • Save up to 25% on personal-care items such as hair conditioners and shaving cream
  • Appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines last up to one third longer
  • Water heaters last up to twice as long
  • Clothing will be whiter, brighter and last longer

By diverting the extra salt water back to the brine tank during the highest salt concentration, a 20% or greater savings in salt can be obtained. All of this is easily controlled by the ProMate 6.0 electronics. The ProMate 6.0 control’s adjustable programming allows your dealer to customize brine recovery to meet your precise water conditions.

Water Softeners

ProMate 6

  • Saves over 20% in Salt
  • Patented Vortech Distributor Technology SAVES you water and keeps your system cleaner
  • Premium 10% cross linked Resin (the gas of the engine) lasts longer and improves performance

ProMate 6 DMT

  • Two systems in one Saves you Money
  • Condition your water and remove Chlorine in one System
  • Carbon layer is effective in reducing harmful substances commonly found in city water supplies

ProMate 6.0 Twin Alternating System

  • Save Salt and Save Energy with the ProMate 6.0 Twin Alternating System. Never run out of softened water again. This state of the art technology is only available through our supplier.
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